If you are in Hong Kong for a few days on business or pleasure the question is always which cafe do you go to for the best coffee?
It will always depend on your own taste and preference. Hong Kong for only a few days, like any new location it is not that easy to know which Cafe to try. Luckily I was given several tips by some colleagues that had spent some time in Hong Kong over various business trips.
The location you are staying in and if you have time to travel, will quite often determine if you can get to or search for a good cafe. Travelling short distances is very easy in Hong Kong, the public transport is very well laid out. When you figure it out, you just need to have a go. Once you have done it a few times you start to figure it out and it becomes second nature to you. Walking a short distance is not to difficult either, there are pedestrian crossings at traffic lights, footpaths,  and underpasses to cross major roads.