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Just a Cup of Coffee, Please.

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People in groups of two, three, or more stroll into coffee shops all across America and utter the phrase, “Just coffee, please”. They take their seats, converse with one another, check their smartphones or open their newspapers. The message that they are conveying is that they don’t need a menu and that they won’t be ordering any food. They simply want a cup of coffee.

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These cafe patrons expect that they will be served a good cup of coffee. This makes the coffee bean growers, who harvest the coffee beans, transport the beans, roast the coffee beans and package the coffee, smile with satisfaction. This proves yet again, that they all have job security. People drink coffee and they will keep on drinking coffee, especially if it tastes great.

The process of producing good coffee beans and getting those coffee beans to a cafe is a long and arduous task, with many people involved. The cafe is then responsible of making the best coffee possible with those good coffee beans. Coffee is big business, very big business. Fresh coffee is always the key to a great cup of coffee.

Coffee trees thrive only in sheltered, mountainous, subtropical climates. Coffee trees are temperamental. They must be shaded by larger trees to protect them; their tender fruit must be harvested by hand. Harvesting coffee cherries is a back-breaking job that can only be done by people who can tell a ripe coffee bean from an unripe coffee bean. Ripe coffee beans must be picked, green coffee beans must be left undisturbed so that they continue the ripening process and can be picked later.

Coffee beans must be carefully handled during transportation to avoid bruising the beans. Roasting must be done evenly and under very controlled conditions to produce the best results.

Think about the process behind the cup, the next time that you say, “Just coffee, please”.

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