• Nearly a century old, the De'Longhi company has gained a reputation for simple-design excellence of a wide range of unique home appliances. They have set standards for innovation and value along the way. The company has expanded to produce a myriad products for food preparation and cooking as well as numerous kitchen accessories. As an ambassador to the world of the Italian passion to create beautiful products that focus on performance, we present the "PrimaDonna S" super automatic espresso machine.
  • Experience true coffee indulgence with the Jura ENA 4 Full Nordic White machine. This compact, one-cup espresso and coffee machine is the perfect combination of simplicity and sophistication. It effortlessly transforms freshly ground beans into aromatic, caffeinated delights at the touch of a button. With its option to preselect three strength levels, you can customise your coffee to match your preference perfectly, be it a robust espresso or a soothing latte. Despite its compact size, the machine doesn't compromise on performance or quality, delivering barista-grade beverages every time. For those who value ease of use, the Jura ENA 4 impresses with intuitive controls and automated cleaning processes, making it the perfect companion for your coffee explorations. Savour the perfect balance of elegance, convenience and excellence with Jura ENA 4 Full Nordic White.
  • The Jura E6 Platinum is a dream for home baristas. Its sleek design and advanced brewing technology make it effortless to create a customized cup of coffee. Featuring the Pulse Extraction Process, a high-resolution color TFT display, and an intelligent water system, this fully automatic espresso maker ensures precise brewing with every use. Despite its sophisticated technology, brewing the perfect specialty coffee with the Jura E6 Platinum is as simple as pushing a button.
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