• The Rancilio Silvia V6 paired with the Rancilio Rocky Doserless Grinder is a legendary combination in the espresso world. The Rancilio Silvia has set the benchmark in home espresso machines for over eight years, delivering exceptional performance that rivals even the pricier models. Equipped with a robust brass boiler, durable brass tubing, a heavy-duty commercial-grade portafilter, and a chromed brass brew head, this espresso machine promises long-lasting excellence and reliability. Matched seamlessly with the Rancilio Silvia, the Rancilio Rocky grinder stands out as a top-tier choice for espresso enthusiasts. With its commercial-grade build, powerful motor, and large grinding burrs, it ensures precise, consistent grinds for espresso. Boasting over 50 grind settings, this grinder accommodates a wide range of brewing methods, making it a versatile addition to any coffee setup. This powerful duo offers a home espresso experience that rivals even the most expensive machines on the market.
  • The Quick Mill Alexia EVO is a single boiler espresso machine with lever action. It boasts an E-61 grouphead and PID for superior temperature stability, making it an excellent choice for the espresso enthusiast.
  • The Rocket Giotto Evoluzione R features a heat exchanger, E61 group and the ability to be used with either a direct water line or by filling the 2.9 liter water reservoir. This Giotto coffee machine is hand crafted in Italy for outstanding espresso and cappuccino.
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