Replaced an old glass one with this one. The screen is designed with a perfectly tight tolerance, zero grinds in the coffee. Built very sturdy, holds heat for a good period of time from cup to cup in the morning. Strong enough to to take camping on the trail. Very impressed with the quality. I would recommend this for the dude that wants coffee without all the hassle. Great for daily uses and hunting camps.
We replaced our big Cuisinart coffee maker with the Ardito Coffee press. The coffee press take up very little room on our counter and the design pleasing to the eye. Our coffee is smooth tasting, and stays hot for over 2 hours in the carafe. It is also so easy to clean. Would highly recommend this to anyone!
I decided to purchase this pot a couple weeks ago, after the handle on my Bodum glass press broke, and Bodum’s customer service response was very slow, and ultimately unhelpful.

So far, I’m delighted with the performance of this press pot. I was at first concerned that the steel case would sink away more heat than the glass, but the double-wall insulation does a very good job of keeping the brew hot.

Maintenance and cleaning is convenient, and you don’t have to worry about break the glass beaker during cleaning.

And there were a couple spare stainless steel screens in the box, which is a nice bonus.

Although the manufacturer sent me a couple follow-up emails asking for honest reviews, I’m writing this review at my will, and I am in no way receiving any rewards or compensation for this review.

Anonymous Reviewer