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Grinding coffee beans at home is fast becoming a part of the American coffee experience. The choices of home coffee grinders available now is mind-boggling. Although you do need to know a few things about coffee grinders before you buy one of your very own. The earliest known way of grinding coffee used a mortar and a pestle. The beans were roasted, cooled, then transferred to a mortar and crushed or ground with the pestle.

Ardito Coffee Manual Coffee Grinder imageThen the hand-cranked coffee grinders became the preferred way of grinding coffee. Using two flat round plates or discs that the coffee beans are crushed between. One plate is stationary and the other rotating with the help of gears. In old western movies, there is always a hand-cranked coffee grinder in the general store.

Then along came electricity, and things got quicker and easier. The first electric coffee grinders operated the same way as the hand-cranked version. The two flat plates that the coffee beans are crushed between. Things have improved since then although the principle remains unchanged, only improved.

Today the plates have well designed burrs on them. Resulting in the particles of beans that pass through a burr grinder are a more consistent size. Then burr coffee grinders operate on the same as the old hand-cranked ones, in that there are two plates.

Today, you can buy coffee grinders with blades that chop the beans into fine particles. But, these particles are not of identical size. These blade-type coffee grinders are available for as little as $20, but they are not the best choice.

The best choice for a coffee grinder is a metal “burr” grinder. In particular a conical burr grinder. The cone shape of these burrs produce less friction and heat when grinding. Using the natural force of gravity to aid in the grinding to produce less friction. Burr grinders are, of course, more expensive, but they are much better coffee grinders.

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